Persistent Systems offers a secure and “true” mobile ad-hoc networking system with its Wave Relay product line. Since inception, the company’s core products have been most utilized by the government sector as well as some by some industrial clients. Today, Persistent Systems has the opportunity to grow its customer base to both industrial and commercial applications.

Wave Relay® is an advanced mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) solution that goes beyond the standard “self-forming” and “self-healing” mesh network. Instead, Wave Relay® quickly and continuously adapts to fluctuations in terrain and other difficult environmental conditions to maximize connectivity and communication performance. The Wave Relay® proprietary routing algorithm allows users to incorporate vast numbers of meshed devices into the network in which the devices themselves form the communication infrastructure.

Persistent Systems offers networking solutions that extend beyond radio components.

During the requirement identification process, Persistent Systems works to understand our customers’ requirements and develop the appropriate solutions for each set of specifications. Because we have completed extensive testing on all parts necessary for complete kits, Persistent Systems provides full solutions that conform to customer specifications

We offer full solutions for entire tracking systems, sector arrays, and more that come complete with Molle pouches, antennas, batteries and cables that are designed, tested, and chosen for optimal performance with our systems. This capability lets Persistent Systems be a one-stop shop for fulfilling all aspects of customers’ requirements.